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In addition to his acting, singing, and dancing talents, Dick is also an accomplished artist.  His drawing of The Dick Van Dyke Show cast members was used more than once on cast and crew gifts (a custom ashtray and a custom desk of playing cards).  His caricature drawing of himself was used in the opening credits of his Van Dyke and Company show and on his own, personal letterhead.  Dick did a special drawing many years ago depicting the Wizard of Oz cast for Julie and Tony Paris, two of Jerry Paris’ children.  From time to time, Dick continues to create and provide original drawings which are often auctioned off to raise money for charities.

and computer graphics enthusiast.  


Curious George

Dick has lent his voice to a number of animated or book projects, either as a narrator or as a character.

These projects include:  Scooby Doo (1973), Tubby the Tuba (1976), The Town that Santa Forgot (1993), The Alan Brady Show (2001), Batman:  New Times (2005), Mr. Finnegan’s Giving Chest (2005), and Curious George (2006).

Dick has written four books during his career. These include:  Altar Egos (1967), Faith, Hope, and Hilarity (1970), and Those Funny Kids! (1975).  Dick’s long awaited autobiography, My Lucky Life In and Out of Show Business, was released in 2011 in hardcover, large print, and audio editions, to rave reviews.  

Dick had major book signing events in both New York and Los Angeles and he made numerous media appearances to discuss the book.

The Alan Brady Show

Mr. Finnegan’s Giving Chest

Scooby Doo

Dick holds a copy of his book at the New York City Barnes and Noble book signing event in May 2011.

Dick has a passion for computer animation and graphics and has dubbed himself the “Steven Spielberg of Malibu.”  While he has dabbled for fun in his home studio by introducing his “current day self” into footage from the original Dick Van Dyke Show, he has also received legitimate credits (AND compensation) for computer graphics work he did on Diagnosis Murder and for a scene in The Dick Van Dyke Show Revisited.

A novelty record?  Yes, that’s right.  Dick recorded a 45 RPM in January 1961 which featured songs called Three Wheels on my Wagon on side one (click here to have a listen) and One Part Dog, Nine Part Cats on the flip side.

Teaming with the Enoch Light Orchestra and the Ray Charles Singers in 1963, Dick recorded an album called Songs I Like by Dick Van Dyke.  A Spanish version was also released.  In 2000, the material from this recording was reissued as a CD import and retitled Put On a Happy Face.

Dick and The Vantastix subsequently released a CD in 2008 with the same name.  This offering includes new, original a cappella arrangements of many classic children’s songs along with a rendition of The Dick Van Dyke Show theme song and bonus Christmas tracks. (click here for link on Amazon).

Dick made his rap music debut in 2010 joining Leslie Bixler and Chad Smith on a CD called Rhythm Train.  A sample of Dick’s song called DVD, can be heard here.

Halloween has been an obsession of Dick’s for over 60 years and his passion continues today.  He loves to scare and entertain the neighborhood kids with his personal Monster Alley in Malibu.

In 2012, Dick commissioned the creation of a giant evil Gatekeeper for the entrance to his Halloween haunt and it was a huge hit with the visitors.  The development of the monster was included in an installment of The Travel Channel’s Making Monsters.